The HARD Truth About Loving a Scorpio – EWAO

Loving a Scorpio can be an immensely rewarding endeavor if done properly. However, if you aren’t sure exactly how to hand the Scorpio’s fiery depth, beware, because it’s likely you could get burned.

While Scorpios are considered highly passionate signs, this can work out to be both a good and a bad thing. If you have ever dated a Scorpio, then it is likely that you are familiar with many of the brutally honest truths involved when you love a Scorpio.

1. If You Are A Control Freak, Walk Away Now

Scorpios are wild, independent and have a passion for life their own way. If you plan on controlling them you might as well spare yourself the trouble and walk away.

2. Do Not Back Them Into A Corner

If you and your Scorpio mate are arguing, or having a disagreement, whatever you do, do not intimidate them. Remember, they are called a Scorpio(n) for a reason.

3. Prepare for Passion

Love, just like all other emotions for a Scorpio are involved with passion. This means deep, eye gazing, intense, kinky, everything kind of passion. If you can’t handle the fiery passion of a Scorpio, your best bet is to step back before you get burned by the flame.

4. They LOVE Mystery

While it is important not to deceive the Scorpio, it is also important to keep them guessing to some extent. Staying mysterious keeps their passionate intrigue engaged, meaning more fun for the both of you.

5. They Enjoy Privacy

As they enjoy the mystery in you, they also like to keep a bit of mystery themselves. However, don’t worry, the Scorpio is both passionately loyal and passionately faithful, so the decisions they keep to themselves are nothing that could ever harm you.

6. Scorpios Are Loyal and Expect the Same In Return

If a Scorpio lets you into their world and tells you they want to be with you long term, they mean it. And in turn, they will be constantly loyal to you. However, they also expect the same fierce loyalty in return.

7. Their Emotions in All Aspects Are Passionate

Not only are the Scorpios fiercely passionate with all things concerning love, they also are passionate about other emotions as well.

8. Don’t Confuse Their Loyalty With Neediness

The Scorpio doesn’t need anyone. While they enjoy the company of individuals that add quality to their life, they don’t need anyone and can do just fine on their own. So, please, don’t ever mistake their love for you as them needing you. It will be a big mistake!

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