The Incredible Transformation Of A Transgender Man Who Lost Many Of His Friends & Family As A Result

No human being is perfect, yet it seems that many human beings continue to look for and strive for perfection in the world and in the people around them. In the modern world especially, it is vital to perceive the world and the people within it from perspectives other than your own, and to constantly question, adapt, and evolve your inherent (and often imperfect, or incomplete) beliefs. Too often society at large rejects individuals because they don’t conform to traditional or conservative norms, even though the majority of people in the Western world claim to be progressive and forward-seeing.

A musician named Jaimie Wilson exemplifies both the struggle and the hope that has been alluded to above. Jaimie transitioned from a woman to a man, and he loudly proclaims that “no-one’s journey is the same.” However, his journey was certainly more difficult and more impossible than that of most other human beings. After conveying a ‘feminine’ image for 18 years, the people and the world around Jaimie refused to accept a shift to masculinity. Yet, Jaimie new himself and believed in himself enough to do what he knew was right. His experiences as a model and as a DJ no doubt toughened him beforehand, but turning away from virtually all friends and family can never be easy: “you don’t have to pass a test to prove you’re trans.”

Jaimie is only one of about 1.4 million transgender adults in the United States: “At first I was scared to come out as transgender because I didn’t give any ‘signs,’ as people say.” He maintains over 300,000 followers on Instagram, and he has posted many photos documenting his 2 years of testosterone treatment, surgery, and workouts. The transgender community has been more supportive and loving than his previous friends ever were, and they even joke that he might be a little ‘too masculine’: “People say that I’m trying too hard to be like a cisgendered male.”

Jaimie says that, “You are NOT who people think you are, you are who you know you are.” Checkout his remarkable photos below, and keep an eye-out for images from Jaimie’s performance at the Sziget Festival in Budapest. He’ll likely be standing next to members of The Chainsmokers, P!nk, or Wiz Khalifa.

Jaimie Wilson:  21-year-old transgender country musician from Florida.

He is a symbol for self-determination and immeasurable perseverance.

“When I came out, people refused to believe I was a man because of how ‘feminine’ I presented for 18 years.”

The mental, emotional, and physical process cannot truly be conveyed in words or images,  but they certainly help to spread awareness, acceptance, and inspiration.

The 2-year process has resulted in genuine happiness and peacefulness.

“I’ve lost my family and most of my friends since I started my transition but in the process I’ve found out who really cares about me.”

It would be difficult (if not impossible) to imagine a stronger twenty-something.

Self-determination is freedom, and freedom is power.

“Not everyone has to show ‘signs’ to be transgender. You don’t have to pass a test to prove you’re trans . . .”

“And you sure as hell don’t need ANYONE’S approval but your own.”

“This life is about finding yourself and becoming YOU. No one’s journey is the same . . .”

If you’re not inspired yet . . . check your pulse.






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