The Warning Signs You Are Around A Person Who Has Evil Intentions

There is a general consensus that most people are good. Unfortunately, they are a few bad apples in the proverbial barrel of life. Among those bad people are a special kind go evil. These individuals showcase a special set of traits that make up a dangerous mix of intelligence, apathy, and excessive self-promotion. These people actively seek to destroy, conquer and dominate others. They may appear to be friendly at first, but their true colors eventual show. They are fair-weather friends and you should view them as a threat at all costs.

Here are seven warning signs that should alert you of their intention, so you can take important steps on permanently removing these evil narcissists out of your life.

Signs Someone in Your Life Is Evil:

1. They like to deny reality.

They live in denial. Reality is different in their mind. Accepting the truth is against their nature.

2. They twist the facts.

Manipulating the facts of any given situation is their forte. Narcissists have to make things all about them. Twisting the truth into something terrible is how they hurt those around them.

3. They choose to withhold information.

Withholding information, or lying by omission is a form of controlling situations. These ill intentions are design to comprise the integrity of another person, team or organization in some cases. Leaving out the most important parts of a document to make others look bad during a group presentation is one example of an evil person. Beware of these types of people. They seek to destroy you for their benefit.

4. They mislead people.

Making you believe in the opposite of what actually occurred is how they manipulate. If the situation was already bad, they seek to make it worse for you. It is futile to win against them at their level.

5. They do not feel bad about the things they do.

Evil people do not feel remorse for what they are doing when manipulating a situation for their benefit. Their goal is to seek, destroy and dominate by step on over anyone in their way. This is the mantra of a Narcissist. The more disturbing individuals with this trait have borderline personality disorders. If they seek to hurt you, they do not care how its done as long as their goal is achieved. They experience schadenfreude–taking pleasure in someone else’s pain.

6. They lie a lot.

Lying is easy for them. These silver-tongued sociopaths make it their business to lie about everything. Pathological liars fall in the same category. This makes these people dangerous to be around, due to their inability to tell the truth and their apathetic stance in life other than to cause pain. Compulsive lying is a game to them, and the more elaborate the lie the more pleasure they get in fooling those around them.

7. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Taking responsibility for their actions is not part of an evil person’s moral code. Of course, their moral compass has long been dismantled and non-existent. Instead, blaming others for the mistake these evil people made themselves is what they rather do. Shifting the blame from themselves, they believe, puts them in a better light. An apology is not in their vocabulary, so don’t expect one from these types of people.

Learning to recognize those who want to hurt you is just as essential as knowing who your friends are. People who display the narcissistic traits do not care about anyone but themselves. The sooner you get these people out of your life, the better your life becomes. In regard to dealing with these sociopaths–never back down, never surrender, never give up!

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