These 10 Brutal Truths About Life Will Help You Get Your Sh*t Together

Whenever someone pictures success, or looks at someone they believe is successful, it is often they see the finishing image. The finish line. All the good that comes with it. But what is behind the scene, is all the hard work, the pain and suffering, the tears and dedication someone put into achieving their dreams. Life can be a lot more difficult than the success stories show, so today I am going over 10 truths about life that may just help you along your journey:

  • Life is pointless without something to strive for.

As we venture through life, it is important to cycle through what is important and what is not. Goals do just that. The happiest moments of your life are when you can look back at all the hard work and dedication you put into something, and have finally achieved it. Goals give us a direction in life.


  • It does not matter what other people think about you.

Often times we find ourselves worrying about how someone else perceives us. It is time to start realizing how ridiculous it is. There is nothing healthy about being completely focused on someone else’s opinion to have some self-worth. It should be up to you and only you to build your own value in life. You cannot rely on other people saying positive things, for when they stop, you feel dejected, or devalued.


  • We actually do not have much control.

Life would be a lot easier if we could control every aspect of it right? Well unfortunately that is not the case. We have very little control. Think about your body, and how much it does without you even realizing. Your organs are operating keeping you alive, the heart is beating by itself, your hair is growing by itself, and your glands secrete their essences by themselves. It would be nice if we can control things in our life, but you will find yourself a lot happier if you learn to let it go sometimes, and accept that we can not.

  • On the road to success, one is bound to run into failure.

Anyone that has gone out and achieved their dreams has found themselves failing along the path. No one just immediately has success, and never looks back. It is unavoidable to not experience some sort of failure. But failure brings lessons, it teaches us for the future. We need to learn how to grow from these experiences, for failure can be the stepping stones to success.

  • Someone’s possessions do not define them.

A lot of times we forget to look at someone’s character or personality, and start to judge them based on what they own. Expensive cars, the newest craze of technology, designer clothes – they may seem cool, and you may feel a little envy towards someone that has these things, but as far as value to yourself as a person, they add none. Meaningful and true relationships are not based on material things, but finding the good in someone. Wanting them to be a part of your life, because of who they are.

  • Thinking and doing are not the same.

Everyone daydreams of something we want in life, or how we want something to change for the better in life, to be happier. But if there is no action to go along with these dreams, then we will remain stuck in one spot. It is on us to make these changes if we truly want them. It is cliche to say, but the perfect time to start chasing and achieving these dreams is now!

  • The one true law you can always count on in life is change.

In this vast universe, there is only one thing we can always count on being there, change. When the natural force of things gets flowing, there is no stopping it, no matter how hard one may try. If you find yourself in a difficult spot on life’s adventure, accept that life will always go on. It is vital to enjoy the good moments while we can.

  • As sad as it sounds, everyone you know will eventually die.

A lot of times while we are in our youth, we forget this. We think that our elders, our parents, our friends will all perish in the end. Now I am not saying this to make you feel depressed or trying to say there is no point in life, I am actually trying to say the exact opposite! It is important to make the most of all the relationships you have in your life while you have them. Enjoy everyone’s presence that you love.

  • There is no point in worrying.

Worrying is something that we create in our minds, and adds no value to our lives. Worrying will not accomplish anything, even if you worry twenty times more, it will not change the situation in the world or your life. All it does is add to anxiety, and stress your mind. We must learn to step back and take a couple deep breaths. Trust in the Universe, and that it has our best interests in mind.

  • The root of suffering is pursuing temporary feelings

It is often that we confuse true happiness, with an illusion of a temporary feeling of joy. A lot of inner peace is found when you are content with what you have and who you are. It is important not to chase and get lost in the pursuit of those temporary feelings of joy or euphoria, because they will fade.

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