This Is the Dirtiest Thing Your Zodiac Sign Will Try in Bed

The Best Zodiac for You to Sleep With

Aries: March 21 to April 19

Aries are naturally adventurous and experimental, so be prepared and enjoy the experiences. Aries have also been known to stray from the nest if things get too bland, so don’t hold back, try new things, and you should be in for an exciting and enjoyable ride.

Taurus: April 20 to May 21

People of the Taurus sign have been known to get freaky between the sheets, but usually only when they themselves have the inclination to do so. However, if you can nudge them in the right direction, then there’s a good chance a Taurus can make all your wildest dreams come true. 

Gemini: May 22 to June 21

Geminis tend to be very intellectual, and this definitely enhances their sexy and seductive capabilities. As long as you can keep up with their wit, the physical benefits will be indescribable.

Cancer: June 22 to July 22

For Cancers, sex is poetry in motion—but only the passionate and enlivening type. If you embrace the mood and the rhythm, sex with Cancers will be more like a three-part thriller novel instead of just poetry alone.

Leo: July 23 to August 22

Leos have been known to make the best sex partners around. They thrive on being the center of attention, but this means that they need to play a strong leading role in order to fulfill their desires. This bodes well for whoever they happen to be performing with in the sack.

Virgo: August 23 to September 22

Many people think that Virgos are shy, but this is only on the outside. Inside their mind, body, and soul, a Virgo usually has decades of pent-up sexual frustrations and fantasies. If you can win both the heart and the trust of a Virgo, then you can experience years and years of passion in only one night.

Libra: September 23 to October 22

Libras have a reputation for being straightforward and textbook when it comes to sex. Yet, when you think about, this is usually a pretty good approach to most things in life. Libras have mastered the act of coitus itself, so as long as you’re not extra-kinky yourself, they’ll know precisely how to please you.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 22

Scorpios tend to be fiery and aggressive, and they never seem to have problems finding people to come home with them at the end of the night. A Scorpio will probably be able to provide you with a wildly fulfilling night (or week!), but if you’re looking for something more long-term, there’s a decent chance you’ll be disappointed (eventually).

Sagittarius: November 23 to December 21

People of the Sagittarius sign are said to be obsessed with the sexual hunt; they articulate base carnal desires, and attempt to realize them like a jaguar would. If you don’t mind being chased and (mostly) dominated, then having sex with a Sag could be just what you need to become grounded and free.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 20

Capricorns are probably the freakiest of all the zodiac signs in bed, and they need to be 100% in control in order to feel comfortable. Most Capricorns love foreplay, and if you let them warm up the way they like to, you’re in for an experience that will change your perspective on a lot of different things.

Aquarius: January 21 to February 18

Individuals of the Aquarius sign usually like to be equal partners between the sheets, which normally equates to equal work for equal pleasure. Yet, if you’re someone who likes to give more than you get and pay forward what you do receive, then an Aquarius will be your ideal lover for life.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20

Pisces desire emotional connection and release more than physicality, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deliver in ways that please their partners across the board. A Pisces may be thinking about how emotionally fulfilling the experience is while they’re having sex with you, but unless you’re a Pisces yourself you’ll probably be thinking about how it’s the best sex you’ve had in a long time.






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