This Is The World’s Largest Cave, And It Can Fit 4 Great Pyramids Inside It

There are truly mysterious places on Earth and this supermassive cave is surely one such place. Seeing the footage from inside the cave will surely give you goosebumps.

Image Credit: National Geographic.

One of them is a supermassive cave that can fit four Great Pyramids inside it. Its one of the worlds largest cave chambers, and entering it feels like a journey to the underworld.

The cave is located in the mountainous region of Ziyoun County in China. The Miao Room cavern measures 380.7 million cubic feet—10.78 million cubic meters—in volume. The cave system can fit up to 22 football fields and is located around 325 feet below the surface.


Furthermore, the 2,795 feet-long cave chambers can also comfortably fit a Boeing 747. 

The supermassive structure is composed of eight main caverns and more than 200 entrances.

In fact, the cave is so big that it is considered the largest cave in the world in terms of volume and is the second largest cave in terms of surface area.

Having approximate dimensions of about nine kilometers, Hang Son Doong has its own underground river and impressive vegetation that forms a dense jungle.

Studies carried out by the group of scientists of the British Association of Cave Research as well as those of the National Geographic cartography team, who analyzed the measurements of the cave system, found that the largest cavity has more than five kilometers in length, it is 200 meters high and 150 meters wide. While the cave itself was first documented by a Chinese-European geology team in 1989, its true size was not determined until 2013.

Image Credit: National Geographic: Juan Velasco/Martin Gamache/Lauren James/NGM Staff/Stefan Fichtel/Ixtract Gmbh/Joe Beeching

During several expeditions, the teams also discovered stalagmites with more than 70 meters in height.

But not only does this massive cave system features its own underground river and jungle, it is also decorated with a maze of fossils and crystals.

Source: The ‘supercave’ that can fit four Great Pyramids inside

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