Have An Unbelievable Belly Transformation in 21-Days With the Plank Challenge

Almost everyone dreams of having those six-pack abs. But most people never achieve this elusive goal. So today we will help you get to your goal in the most effective way – doing planks!

Many people think that crunches are the way to go to achieve great muscle abs and not a plank. Do not undervalue the effectiveness of the plank just because it is a static exercise. The plank includes the work of more muscles than any other exercise.

The focus of the plank is positioned on the upper part of the torso. The corset muscles are the ones that are stretched by this exercise. You might think that the plank is easy. But in truth, it’s the other way around. This activity will make you sweat more than a hundred crunches. Planks are great for your body, and you will get stronger muscles in a shorter period.

The entire workout for your belly abs consists of a set of exercises that you will practice for 21 days, which is three weeks.

First Week

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Every day on the first week you will do a plank that you will hold for at least 30 seconds. The last days of the week, when you feel it is easier to do the plank, you may do them for 60 seconds. The photo above shows you how to perform the plank.

Second Week

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On the second week, you will repeat the plank from the first week and also add the same plank as the photo above every day. You will do the second plank for 60 seconds.

Third Week

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Every day during the third week you will perform the two planks from the previous weeks and add a third plank exercise. You will do the third one for two minutes. So during the third week, you will have to do three different planks every day. The third plank, make sure you switch sides.

Do not give up before the three weeks finish. Find ways to motivate yourself to keep going. Have the discipline to see this out for the next three weeks. Focus on your goals, and you will start seeing tremendous progress.


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