Ultra Rare White Humpback Whale Spotted Off Coast of Australia and the Lakota Prophecy

One of the rarest aquatic species in the world was spotted off Australia’s east coast this week. The white Migaloo humpback whale was thrashing its unique dorsal tale on a whale-watching mission near Sydney when boaters got the show of their life. The Migaloo is one of only three white whales known to be in existence, and is considered the “Holy Grail” of whale watching. 

The Migaloo, an albino or “no pigment” whale, is thought the be around 30 years old. National Geographic reports that an adult male Migaloo was first spotted in 1991 near Byron Bay, Australia’s most easterly point.  At the time, it was the only known living Migaloo. However, the name Migaloo is given to the animal by Australian Aborigines, so it likely has lived for eons. The current Migaloo spotted is likely the calf of the Migaloo whale spotted in 1991.

The Migaloo is an oddity in nature. It like other albinos can credit genetic “mutations” for their absence of color. True albinos don’t produce any kind of pigment, hence their white coloration and pink eyes: Blood vessels normally masked by eye color show through.

Albinism is a recessive trait, meaning both parents must pass the mutation on to their offspring.

The white Migaloo spotted this week was thought to be headed toward Antarctica after mating.

The Migaloo is protected by Australian law, as it is a rare species, indeed. It has been seen mostly along the coast of Australia, but rumors of sightings in other places have also ben reported.

The Lakota, Dakota and Nakota clans are collectively referred to as the Sioux. According to Chief Arvol Looking Horse, traditional leader of the Lakota clan of the Sioux nation and 19th generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Bundle, the appearance of these white animals heralds a time of great urgency for the Earth and humanity as a whole. He states that the appearance of white animals in this time is both a blessing and a warning – a calling for all of us to look beyond the color of our skins and to unite to heal Mother Earth.

This rare spotting of the white humpback whale, according to the Lakota, is a reminder to be conscious of our actions and reactions, to be more accepting of other’s beliefs, orientations and customs, and to respect all living creatures on Mother Earth.

The stunning footage was captured by Jonas Liebschner, a photographer for Whale Watching Sydney, who had been expectantly waiting for Migaloo all week.

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Images: Smithsonian, Youtube

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