Vapen Clear: Meet The World’s First Cannabis Inhaler

Many states in America have legalized cannabis. But patients across the country are still being treated like criminals every time they use their medicine!

Cannabis oil is expensive for many people to purchase and the oils are tedious to make, so many medical cannabis users choose to smoke the herb to ease their chronic pain or to manage their diseases, and this has created a market for more safe and affordable medicinal cannabis tools.

Introducing The Cannabis Inhaler

To be able to meet the demand for medical marijuana, a new company named Vapen Clear has created the world’s first cannabis inhaler.

The inhaler acts just like any other inhaler. But it doesn’t contain the bronchodilator Albuterol. Instead, the recipe comprises 99.52 percent activated cannabis with 1000mg of THC per canister, which suggests that the device can be utilized 100 times to give the 10mg recommended dose.

The cartridge can also be set to lower doses to suit different needs. It also comes in three varieties such as “Daytime,” “Nighttime,” or “Afternoon.” The “Daytime inhaler has THC from an energy-producing Sativa strain while the “Nighttime” inhaler comes with a more relaxing indica strain. And the “Afternoon” has a mixture of the two.

The difference from other vapor is that the Vapen Clear doesn’t heat the THC, meaning that it’s more potent and bioavailable while different vape pens allow you to inhale the medicine. This allows for more comfortable use since it doesn’t require batteries or a lighter.

The inhaler doesn’t give the distinct smell of cannabis fumes making it easier to carry around as needed. A bonus of the cannabis inhaler is that it does not contain unwanted flavoring agents. We hope Vapen Clear can inspire other medical tools to be invented and make life easier for patients who need access to this natural remedy. The inhaler is available in Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.


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