Walking Barefoot On The Ground Can Do Some Remarkable Things For Your Health

Books contain extensive records that show how different cultures across the world experience the well-being of walking barefoot on the ground, connecting to the earth!

It makes sense that we evolved with our feet touching the planet. For many years we did not wear shoes. And we did not live in a concrete city. But how does walking barefoot in nature really affect our body, mind, and health?

What Is Earthing (Grounding)?

Earthing or grounding is when your bare feet touch the surface of the planet. If you can, you should go outside and walk barefoot on the grass or somewhere else not human-made. You will notice the subtle energy rising from the ground to your feet and then to your entire body.

Just Imagination?

Science found answers that illustrate how and why we can feel the energy from the ground through our feet. This energy represents a type of “electrical nutrition” that comes from the Earth, and your body can absorb it. The human body, like the planet, carries electrical systems. It is the same with the sun. The sun gives us vitamin D and the Earth can provide us with vitamin G (for ground).

Emerging Science of Earthing

A study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health titled “Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons” declares that earthing gives promising healing properties for many chronic degenerative diseases.

Earthing can balance and revitalize the bioelectrical circuitry that commands your organs and physiology, arrange biological rhythms, and initiate self-healing mechanisms in your body that food or chemicals cannot do it. Several studies show that it could help decrease inflammation and pain and promote better sleep and feeling of relaxation.

A technology called Speckle Contrast Laser Imager, shown in the picture above, explains how facial circulation improves after 20 minutes of grounding (blue=low circulation; red=high circulation). Image Source: Scientific Research Publishing

Reduces Cancer-Causing Inflammation

One of the best benefits of grounding is that it can decrease inflammation in your body. Fast resolution of chronic inflammation was confirmed in several types of research utilizing infrared imaging.

The way earthing helps to reduce inflammation is through negatively-charged electrons from the Earth that are absorbed into the human body. These electrons are then capable of going inside the body and neutralizing the positively-charged free radicals involved in chronic inflammation.

Improves Exercise Recovery

Another research discovered that earthing while exercising results in better exercise recovery. These results imply that earthing during exercise inhibits hepatic protein catabolism or increases renal urea excretion. Earthing during exercise also affects protein metabolism, resulting in a positive nitrogen balance. This phenomenon has fundamental importance in understanding human metabolic processes and may have implications in training programs for athletes.


There are many benefits from the electrical nutrition that planet Earth can give us. It can improve the brain, heart, muscle tissue, and immune system. Some experts are proposing that it can also help reverse the aging process to some degree.

Earthing is a quick and easy process to incorporate in our lives to obtain many benefits. It is low-cost, gives you a boost of well-being, and can support healing from chronic illnesses.


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