When You Are Truly In Love With Someone, You Stay Loyal Until The End

One key to remaining loyal is to acknowledge and accept that you will always be attracted to other people; it would be nice if everyone aside from your partner all of the sudden became unattractive to make things easy on you, but it just isn’t realistic to expect or wait for this to ever happen. It’s also vital to realize that it is human nature to desire mystery, variety, and always something better in some way. However, it’s still very possible to control your impulses; keep in mind that the satisfaction of being impulsive is almost always short term, and the devastation of being unfaithful is long term and life long.

Just as it’s crucial to realize that you’ll always find other people attractive, it’s also imperative to realize what is truly more important to you: mere minutes of satisfaction, or lifelong memories of genuine love? Additionally, it’s also unwise to have unrealistic expectations pertaining to partners and relationships—if you desire and seek perfection, you’ll never end up being loyal to anyone (including yourself).

Of course, remaining happy and loyal is definitely much easier when you’re in a relationship with a partner who you love thoroughly and genuinely. In a situation like this, it’s just not as hard to refrain from secretly texting on dates, from flirting with other people, or from entertaining flirts from other people. When your love is true, the urges to do things like scroll Tinder or try new dating apps either aren’t as strong, or are non-existent entirely.

When you really love someone, it becomes easier to maintain self-control and greater satisfaction in life overall. Being part of a strong and meaningful relationship can make it harder for you to do anything that would jeopardize the trust and faith which has been built and earned. When just the thought of hurting your partner causes you emotional, mental, or even physical pain, then the odds of you actually hurting them will virtually vanish. When love is true, both partners treat each other with kindness and respect not because they realize it’s the right thing to do, but because they inherently have the genuine desire to honor one another.

Always remember what being loyal really means:

-Never saying anything that might reflect negatively on your partner.

-Never revealing any information or insights that have been spoken or written to you in confidence.

-Never pointing out your partner’s weaknesses or shortcomings in any ways which will have negative effects.

-Never putting relatively insignificant needs of your own before more important needs of your partner.

-Never abandoning your partner physically, emotionally, or mentally, and never providing insufficient support in any of these areas.

-Never lying to your partner, and never withholding information that you know they would probably want to know—even if your partner doesn’t ask you about something directly (or at all).

-Never blaming your partner for your own weaknesses or shortcomings.

Lastly, loyalty often seems to be synonymous with happiness, peacefulness, and success—so it’s well worth your efforts!










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