Why Crying During Movies Actually Shows Rare Inner Strength

Crying during a movie has always been seen as a sign of emotional weakness. People who cry in movies are always the butt of our jokes and are usually seen as the sensitive ones who wear their heart on their sleeve. However, recent studies show that crying during movies is a sign of mental strength.

When one cries during a movie, they display a deep level of empathy as they experience the film through the eyes of the characters of the film. It means one has the ability to relate to another person’s suffering, grief, or pain, even if you are not the one feeling it first hand.

Now empaths themselves are innately tough people. They have the undervalued skill of psychologically connecting to other people.




Studies show that crying during a movie was associated with extroversion, empath, self-esteem, femininity, and low levels of stress. While other traits may be understood, it is to be noted that extroversion was one of the traits associated with people who cry during a movie. Extroverts are known to take on leadership roles in social interactions and are observed as being mentally tough.

Apart from that, people who cry during movies also have the advantage of being able to pick up subtle facial cues. Based on the character’s facial expressions, tone, body language, non-verbal cues, and so on, one subconsciously decides what emotion should one feel.

A great instinct to have, this is definitely something that defines an individual’s power to gauge a person and inner strength to determine right from wrong.

When one cries during a movie, one completely immerses themselves into the fictitious setting of the universe created by the filmmaker. But although movie criers are lost in celluloid, they have a tendency to still be aware of the distinction between reality and fiction. Unlike the non-criers who are always conscious of the reality that exists outside of the fictional world of the film.



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