Witness: I heard US pilots mention “small beings” after the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

Witness: I heard US pilots mention “small beings” after the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident

A new witness has come forward trying to clarify one the most important UFO case that occurred on British soil.

A 62-year-old man, who asked not to release his name to the public, claims to have heard US Air Force (USAF) personnel discuss “lights” and “little beings” just days after the event happened.

The notorious UFO case of the Rendlesham Forest occurred in December 1980.

The event, nicknamed “the British Roswell,” took place near two military bases and involved the landing of a UFO in the nearby forest, with physical evidence and about 30 qualified witnesses who saw something that night.

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The witness, quoted by Express—a British newspaper who has been heavily criticized for releasing ‘phony’ articles—says that at that time, the witness was working in the warehouse of a newspaper and magazine company in Felixstowe.

One night, he found himself in the bar of The Marlborough Hotel, between Christmas and the New Year of 1980, when he heard the bizarre exchange between military personnel he mentioned beings, not from Earth.

As quoted by the express, the witness said: “The seafront hotels were very popular among USAF personnel, in particular, the newly opened Flying Boat bar at the Marlborough.

“I knew a few of the USAF personnel by name, but it was just through bar talk, and we had no relationship outside of the bar.

“I was just having a drink at the bar.

“There was a few USAF personnel in the Boat, as we called it and a small group of them stood alone in the corner of the bar.

“I looked over at them from time to time and could see they were having a serious discussion over something.

“One airman seemed to be particularly agitated.

“I edged over towards them, whether I wanted to be nosy, or just get closer to the fire I don’t know, but I did overhear a few words.

“The airman that was agitated talked about lights and little people.”

The witness who remained anonymous says that at that time, he had no idea about the Rendlesham case, and did not find out about it until around four years later.

“Obviously it was a little eerie, but the events of 1980 were not known usually at that time, so it meant nothing to me.

“The airman was calmed down by his pals, and they got another round in.

“I asked the airman that went to the bar whether his mate was all right. He just answered he was a little upset, nothing more.

“A short while later the agitated airman let his emotions get the better of him again, and he started waffling on. However, I could not make out what he was saying.

“One of his mates then put an arm around him, attempting to calm him down and told him to keep quiet or he would be in trouble.”

The mystery deepened as, according to the witness, when he returned days later to the pub, he encountered the airman that was there a couple of days ago.

He asked him whether if his mate had recovered from the last time I saw them, to what he responded, I think so, but he had been sent back to the States, and no-one knew why’.”

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