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Why Write For MyEmpoweredWorld?

Here are a few reasons why you should share your ideas at the world’s most popular online Empowering destination.

1. You’ll change lives.

Our community is passionate about learning ways to elevate their mind body & spirit! They’re eager to learn how to live an empowered life, share tips with friends and clients, and discuss ideas here on the site. Writing for MyEmpoweredWorld gives you a chance to be part of this discussion, and to shape the way personal empowerment is perceived around the world.

2. You’ll reach a global audience.

Once your piece has been accepted for publication, we’ll do our part to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. In addition to posting your work on our home page, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Published pieces will also live in our library of content.

3. You’ll achieve your professional dreams.

Our writers have parlayed success here at My Empowered World into book deals, speaking opportunities, and teaching gigs. They’ve also attracted more clients, booked coaching jobs, and grown their brands, simply by writing great posts that got people interested in what they had to say.

4. You’ll work with top-notch editors.

Our team of professional editors will edit your piece and give it a title to help it get seen by the largest audience. They’ll also choose high-quality photos to make your work look great!

5. You’ll set your own schedule.

You can contribute posts as often as you like. Which means: no deadlines, except the ones you create for yourself!

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